When People Need a Little Nudge

Real motivation comes from within – self motivation. You and you alone are the only person who can make the decision to embark on a new or alternative course of action, but frequently, it takes someone or something else to nudge and spur you into action.

However, most people live, work and, in fact, exist in one or more comfort zones, even when these are no longer entirely convenient or comfortable. At least they’re familiar, not holding too many likely surprises.

Resistant to Change

People are naturally resistant to change, for various reasons. First and foremost, most human beings are creatures of habit, even free spirits who claim that none of their behaviour is habitual. Living invariably incorporates a certain amount of routine.

Fear of the Unknown

Secondly, that which is familiar represents security or safety. Changing one’s circumstances usually involves an element of the unknown; that which is unknown, may be feared or approached with a degree of trepidation, resulting in lots of “what if” questions, based on self-doubt.

Goal Directed Renewal/Change is Essential

You’re capable of coping with and maintaining the status quo, without much effort. Why should you adopt change and a new course of action? The answer is straightforward and simple. Without change and renewal, you and your circumstances remain static. Human beings require motivation in order to advance, develop and grow.

Motivation (the drive to move or take action) comes naturally to a lucky few, but most people need someone or something to awaken inner motivational forces. Motivation enables people to aspire to new, improved goals, look forward to meeting challenges along the way, and adopting a “can do” attitude.

Great Motivational Speakers

The use of an accomplished motivational speaker is one of the most effective methods with which to motivate a diverse people, individually and as a group. Great motivational speakers are typically reputable, admired and respected – individuals who’ve achieved great success in their respective fields, often against enormous odds and adversities.

These leading personalities had an overwhelming desire and determination to succeed. Consequently, they know just how to convey and impart similar inspiration in their audience members. In turn, your audience will be eager to attend and listen to what a celebrated, admired high achiever has to say.

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