Utilise the Skills of South Africa’s Top Motivational Speakers

Motivation has long been a fascinating field of study for academics, scholars of psychology, marketing gurus, business leaders, sports coaches and team captains – anyone who seeks to influence others to recognise and accept one or more goals, plan and act in a positive manner in order to achieve them.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Sources or Resources

Two basic types of motivational influences have been identified – extrinsic and intrinsic. The former typically emanates from the opportunity to receive a reward or external incentive, possibly a prestigious award or trophy, accolade or a monetary reward, a paid holiday or similar inducement.

Intrinsic or self-motivation comes almost solely from within. People who naturally possess this quality are usually high achievers and go-getters, despite often facing and overcoming considerable obstacles which are encountered along the way towards achieving their goals.

They are the “can do” folks; negatives seldom feature in their vocabulary, behaviour or actions. In fact, (self) motivation can only be observed by the way in which people behave; it’s too abstract to be observed per se, since it is based on the desire to do things and take action.

Engender Motivation Within your Team

If your team members aren’t within the latter group, all is not lost. You may adopt the incentivised route, but this may encourage individual competitiveness on a temporary basis, rather than foster a more binding team approach towards attaining the desired goal.

Engaging the services of one of South Africa’s top motivational speakers is a highly recommended, effective solution to your dilemma, particularly since it’s impossible to force people into being motivated; they must make the desire to act and achieve their own.

How Top South African Motivational Speakers Benefit your Team

  • Trigger an awakening and call to action from within.
  • Provide a fresh perspective through an interesting, lively talk, usually based on their own experiences and life lessons.
  • Inspire and influence positively.
  • Businesses must change and adapt periodically to meet changing conditions and customer demands, likewise employees, who are frequently very resistant to and fearful of change. A skilled motivational speaker has the ability to introduce change as a positive factor, altering employees’ perspectives of change from one which is negative, to looking forward to a positive new experience.
  • Because SA’s top motivational speakers are household names, audiences are eager to hear them speak and are likely to absorb the message and attitudes which they convey. Moreover, guest speakers are neutral parties.


Competitive Edge

Let one of our top motivational speakers help you, your employees and your business gain the edge over competitors. Maximise sales, customer service, market share, team spirit, productivity and overall morale within your organisation – these are the benefits for the short, medium and long term.