Looking for a Motivational Speaker? Get Inspired and Motivated with Stef du Plessis!

Are you a company or organisation looking for a renowned motivational speaker that can help you improve your bottom line by inspiring your employees? Selecting the right motivational speaker is vital to the success of any event, as motivational speakers can do incredible things for your employee morale. Not only can the right motivational speaker set the mood for a remarkable event, but they can create an amazing atmosphere by encouraging and inspiring.

If you are looking to hire a professional motivational speaker who can cultivate superior employee performance, then look no further than Stef du Plessis Motivational Speaker. A trusted voice to CEOs throughout the globe, Stef du Plessis is a highly achieved model leader and entrepreneur with a Master’s Degree in leadership. Not only is Stef du Plessis rated as South Africa’s most influential motivational speaker, but he is also rated as one of the top motivational speakers in the world today!

A keynote speaker, motivational speaker, strategic facilitator, and a workshop presenter and leader on people, culture and strategy - Stef du Plessis features a remarkable portfolio.  An authentic motivational speaker who has successfully accomplished over 3,500 workshops and conferences across 5 continents, CEO’s throughout the globe all swear by Stef’s remarkable action-driven programmes. In fact, Stef du Plessis has spoken to audiences of up to 10,000 people, translated into 18 languages at the same time.

As a gifted and authentic motivational speaker who can communicate and connect with anyone on any level, Stef du Plessis is able to balance real world tried-and-tested experiences with a hands-on approach.  Not only does Stef motivate and inspire employees to the point where they are driven to want to achieve higher, but he is the kind of speaker that will actually show them how to do it.

Offering award winning presentations and programmes that aid and encourage employees to improve their performance and achieve a winning workplace culture, Stef’s successful programmes ranges from the following:

  • Creating a Winning Workplace Culture
  • Growing People who Get Results
  • Translating Strategy into Action


If you are a company or an organisation looking for a world-class presenter or motivational speaker who can offer you the entire package, then Stef du Plessis is the motivational speaker to book, and that can be done through us at Motivational Speakers SA.

Based in Johannesburg, we are committed to bringing businesses and organisations throughout South Africa the most interesting and inspiring motivational speakers to your conference, seminar or exclusive private and corporate events. To book Stef du Plessis as your motivational speaker, contact Motivational Speakers SA today!

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