Popular Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Popular Motivational Speakers in South Africa with a Purpose

If one fails to make an early reservation to attend an event that is open to the public and features one of the popular motivational speakers in South Africa, chances are good that the venue will be unable to accommodate further bookings because they already have a full house. Why? Because popularity attracts people.

Whether it’s a business breakfast, luncheon or dinner, a function where a popular motivational speaker appears is universally well attended by individual persons and corporate concerns, which often reserve one or more tables for their management team or valued customers and business associates.

Time is Money

Successful businesses are always extremely careful to spend their budgets judiciously, so it follows that they recognise the value of having designated personnel take a few hours off normal working activities to go out and absorb the messages of competent motivators and orators. In cases where entire tables are booked at an open function, corporate entities are frequently prepared to pay handsomely for their seats, and that’s not because they have nothing better to do – an executive’s valuable time away from his/her workplace represents additional spend.  

Meetings – Boring

When two or more people deliberately gather or assemble at a designated time for a common purpose or reason, they are said to hold a meeting, which may be for social, business or other intent. Generally, its purpose is for dissemination of information, discussion, problem solving decision making in a group context, with the goal of obtaining consensus and commitment from all delegates and participants.

Undoubtedly, everyone who has ever been involved in business will have had at least one thoroughly boring experience of attending a poorly chaired, disorganised meeting that droned on and on for hours. Minds wandered, seats became uncomfortable, people began to yawn and nothing constructive was achieved. The meeting took place without any benefit to individual participants, who probably emerged demotivated and the concern as a whole did not benefit either. In fact, the meeting was a waste of time and thus money.


Beneficial, successful and constructive meetings are the exact opposite, delivering the desired results; this is precisely one of the major business reasons why the wise executive engages the talents of one of our renowned, recognised motivational presenters, irrespective of the ultimate goal or type of organisation hosting the gathering. Instead of feeling compelled to attend, people look forward to being there for any number of reasons – recognition of the speaker, admiration for him/her, an interest in the narrator’s field of excellence or the desire to learn something new from a renowned person.

Whatever the individual participant’s awareness, each one is already personally motivated to attend, even before our orator utters a word. Our presenters are never boring and their speech content is customised according to your requirements, including assistance with proposed change and change management, team building, improving sales, training and development of leaders and leadership skills, future planning, with an economic, political or comedic slant, as required. 

With immediate access to a huge pool of highly regarded,  popular motivational speakers in South Africa, our world class customer service, quick turnaround times, attention to detail and wealth of expertise is at your disposal for your next conference, awards event, seminar or gala function and best of all, our service is affordable, offering outstanding value for money.

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