Book Popular Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Looking for the most popular motivational speakers in South Africa to help raise employee morale, inject positivity, increase productivity levels, or add value to your private event? Motivation is what influences us, drives us and keeps us optimistic and going, and just as motivation is important in our personal everyday lives, it’s also important in the workplace. Motivated employees are vital to the success of any business and can be the difference between failure and success, and this is where motivational speakers come to the rescue.

Motivational Speakers Re-energise, Inspire, Encourage and Inject Positivity

Considered as the largest intangible force that drives us towards our goals, motivation can be a tough nut to crack, which is why many successful organisations throughout South Africa hire motivational speakers. Used to re-energise, inspire, encourage, and inject positivity, productivity and flexibility into the workforce – the reality is that nothing quite grabs a person’s attention more than a successful person sharing their secrets on success. When you hire motivational speakers, you’re hiring someone with knowledge, skill, experience and expertise, otherwise they wouldn’t be speaking.

We Bring the Most Interesting and Inspiring Motivational Speakers to You

Based in Johannesburg and with 20 years of experience, we are committed to bringing the most interesting, inspiring and most popular motivational speakers to your conferences, seminars, employee training events, corporate events and exclusive private events in South Africa. At Motivational Speakers SA, we represent all of South Africa's most popular and sought-after motivational speakers. From celebrities, global adventurers, presenters, business speakers, sporting heroes, management consultants, and economic and political analysts, to futurists – our motivational speakers not only inspire employees to be focused and goal oriented, but they can also breathe enthusiasm into just about anyone that they look at. If you’re looking for a selection of the most popular motivational speakers in South Africa who can produce meaningful results, then we have just the speakers for you.

  • Alex GrangerAuthor, CEO, Entrepreneur, MC, Television Personality, Mentor and Coach, Business Speaker, Strategic Facilitator and Programme Director.
  • Ashley Hayden – Television and Radio Presenter, Actress, Corporate Trainer and MC.
  • Clem SunterScenario Planner, Trend Analyst and Visionary.
  • Gary Bailey – Celebrity Sportsman, MC and Sports Presenter.
  • Gcina Mhlophe– Freedom Fighter, Activist, Actor, Storyteller, Poet, Playwright, Director and Author.
  • Lewis Gordon Pugh– Ocean Advocate, Maritime Lawyer, Pioneer Swimmer and Explorer
  • Robin BanksInternational Inspirational Speaker on Mind Power and Personal Mastery.
  • Shurnell Andersson – Inspirational Performer, Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator & Trainer.


Our team of popular speakers is ready to share their magic at your next business seminar, conference, private event, workshop, and charity or gala event. To book one of the most popular motivational speakers in South Africa, contact us today!