What Really Makes a Motivational Speaker Good?

Addressing a group of strangers is a daunting prospect, one which makes most people quake in their boots and develop a bad case of tremors. Such terror instantly dries the mouth and causes one’s voices to quiver or disappear entirely.

At best, one may manage to say a few words in a dull monotone, but the pre-rehearsed speech will probably be forgotten, a time when spontaneous ad-libbing is impossible. This is “cringe” time, unless you’re a good motivational speaker, in which case, none of the negative elements apply.

However, what makes a good motivational speaker? The standard, rather trite, answer may be: “the ability to speak well in order to interest and inspire others”. Although this is accurate, this ability is far more complex when understood in its entirety.

Good Speaking

Factors that constitute being able to address a crowd well include:

  • Being well prepared with a confident “can do” attitude.
  • An understanding of human nature.
  • A clear, confident, lively voice and diction.
  • Varied tone and cadence.
  • Pauses when and where necessary.
  • An ability to “read” the audience and its receptiveness – knowing when to move on and what to emphasise.
  • Remembering that effective communication is a two-way street.
  • No “ums”, “ahs” or other unnecessary repetitions, which give the impression that the speaker is playing for time, uncertain, unprepared or lacks confidence.
  • Good voice projection that reaches the entire audience.
  • The ability to talk to (not at) the listeners, and engaging their attention and interest.

Motivational Speakers’ Messages

More often than not, motivational speakers are master storytellers. Although their reputations may precede them, they have the ability to capture the interest of others when they speak, whilst they deliver a message or tell the story of a snippet of their lives which serves as inspiration to others.

Such stories typically describe challenges which must be overcome or goals to be achieved, and the (often bumpy) journey towards final success, including numerous failures along the way. The message/story is delivered in such a way that individuals or groups are inspired to believe that they too have the ability to overcome their own obstacles.

In fact, listeners are moved to look forward to tackling their own particular challenges and become committed to achieving success. “If he/she can do it, I can too, and I will.” This is the motivated, inspired response and subsequent positive action, sought and achieved by a good motivational speaker.

If you stop to think about it, the descriptions of every aspect of every person’s experiences and life lessons consist of a series of true, experiential stories, when told to another.

Motivational Speakers SA

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