How Motivation (or Lack of it) Affects Group Work

In all organisations, it becomes necessary to motivate groups or teams from time to time, since demotivating challenges or obstacles are bound to occur somewhere along the line. It’s one thing to mentor, guide and motivate an individual person, but quite another when a group of people is involved.

The Challenges of a Host of Different Factors and Perceptions

Every group member has his or her own unique personality, point of view, strengths and weaknesses, ambitions, fears, likes and dislikes, level of knowledge, attitude towards problems and problem solving, and a host of other factors which affect self-motivation.

Combine all these factors, multiply them by the number of team members and you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that the assistance of an experienced motivational speaker may be required, in order to transform an average team into an inspired, successful group of achievers.

A Change of Attitude

It’s vitally important to get the group and individual members out of its/their negative rut or mindset, and into a positive, motivated state of mind, in order to operate as committed team members with a common, group goal, which they are determined to achieve. In fact, they should look forward to the task.

Common Commitment and Unity

This is where and when renowned and respected motivational speakers, represented by Motivational Speakers SA, enter the picture. Their aim is to assist you (and your group) in achieving a predetermined goal by influencing the team to work as a unit with a motivated, common commitment to reach the desired outcome.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. This applies as much to your team as it does to the proverbial chain. It is essential that your group views itself as a unit, if it is to be optimally productive in its endeavours. There is immense strength in numbers when everyone is on the same page and motivated accordingly.

Your Working Group’s Motivational Partner

One of our outstanding inspirational speakers becomes your group’s partner for the duration of your meeting, conference, seminar or team building event. He or she will familiarise him/herself with your audience profile, the company, its challenges and your goals, prior to the event. They assist with improving and facilitating:

  • Team building and motivation
  • Sales and service
  • Leadership development
  • Change management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Strategy
  • Training
  • Motivation, inspiration and innovation


Because the speakers which we represent are well known (many have celebrity status), your group will be eager to attend your event and listen attentively and actively to their message. Often, we find that our speakers provide all that’s necessary to make a group work effectively and function optimally, thus transforming an ordinary team into a highly motivated, inspired unit, geared for success.