When, How, and Where to Hire 2018’s Best Guest Speakers

Are you already planning those activities for which you can and should plan ahead, in fact as far ahead as possible? If your answer is affirmative, there’s no doubt that you’re making plans for what’s to take place in 2018, in this latter stage of 2017, almost the end of another calendar year.

Most organisations are gearing down to enable their employees to take a well-deserved break during the festive season. Other than in the retail trade, which is incredibly busy until Christmas Day, no one is really thinking seriously about workplace routines and responsibilities, meetings, workshops, sales targets and team building, functions and events, or whatever lies ahead next year, in 2018.

A holiday mood is setting in rapidly, and understandably so. However, time passes and holidays end. 2018 will arrive before you know it and a new year will begin – in an organised manner or a somewhat chaotic state, depending on which plans and arrangements are already in place.

Hiring a Guest Speaker

Functions and events, meetings, and other organised gatherings should be arranged well in advance, because there are so many aspects and factors to take into account. These range from finding and hiring a suitable venue for a specific date, invitations, and RSVPs from guests, to catering and refreshments, seating plans, and most importantly, hiring a guest speaker, one who will be available in 2018, on the day and time of your choosing.

The Best – Better than Good

Moreover, you want more than a good speaker. You want the best possible guest speaker that will capture, entertain, motivate, and engage with your diverse group of guests or delegates. Those who rank amongst the best at the challenging art of guest and public speaking are usually busy people. More often than not, they’re hired well before they’re due to appear.

How and Where to Make Contact

Most of South Africa’s best guest speakers are well known; some are famous and have achieved celebrity status. Undoubtedly, all value and protect their privacy. In 2018, how and where does one make contact with such a competent, interesting personality who is virtually a household name?

Motivational Speakers SA

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