Recommended Motivational Speakers

How to Become One of South Africa’s Recommended Motivational Speakers

Ever thought about a career as a motivational speaker?  Do you enjoy presenting?  Are you good at making speeches and are you completely unfazed by speaking to an audience?  If yes, you may very well have the potential to become a public speaker who motivates teams and individuals. But getting onto the list of the most recommended motivational speakers is not easy. 

Here are some suggestions which may help:

  1. Hone your message:  Ensure that you have a particular message that you want to convey and avoid being vague.  Most speakers like to relate stories which have a personal value to them, and this makes the story more authentic.  This allows the audience to identify better with the speaker and to derive a message or valued advice from the speech. 


  1. Mentorship:  Motivational speaking is about more than just being a good public speaker.  You have to learn how to convey your message, how to relate to particular audiences and how your body language and tone may affect your talk.  It is always a good idea to get a role model and watch them carefully.  It is even more helpful if you can build a personal relationship with such a role model, and receive helpful hints and advice from them.  A good mentor is worth their weight in gold!
  1. Your audience:  Before writing any kind of speech or message, think about whom you would like to speak to and where your message will have the most impact.  Different groups of people will require different approaches, and before you take up an appointment it is crucial that you know the demographics of your audience.


  1. Venue control:  If at all possible, ensure that the venue is suitable.  Quite often the speaker does not have control over the venue but where possible, ensure that the size of the venue is suitable to the amount of people.  The atmosphere should be intimate yet comfortable.
  1. Practice!  Ensure that you are always updating your skills by watching yourself on tape.  Focus on eye contact, body language and intonation.  Watch recordings of recommended motivational speakers you admire or get new tips from your mentor.  Ask for audience feedback or comments from those who hire you.


  1. Market yourself:  Any product or service has to be marketed, and motivational speaking is no exception.  Get sound advice on how best to market yourself.  It may be advisable to sign up with an agency such as Motivational Speakers SA and let us do the marketing for you!  You may have to do a few speeches for free to get into the market and use social networking and other means to promote yourself.
  1. Be informed:  Remain up to date with news, events and modern technologies so that you can incorporate them into your talk.  It is a great gimmick to open a speech with a recent event or item that everybody is talking about, and then linking it to your message.


There is a wealth of recommended motivational speakers out there, but if you follow these steps and keep practising, you may well become one of them!  If, however, you are in need of a professional motivational speaker with the right knowledge and experience, contact us for more advice.

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