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Where to Find and Book a Motivational Speaker

It is no secret that people motivate other people, and a good way to motivate a team or a particular group of people, is to book a motivational speaker. There are many celebrities and agencies that specialise in motivational speaking and it is very important to find the speaker to which your audience will be able to relate to.  So when you want to wow your audience with a great speaker, you have to know where to book a motivational speaker that will be able to relate to your audience.

It is generally accepted that motivational speakers are divided into two types – the self-motivator and the leadership motivator.


Self-motivators are usually people who have overcome some sort of adversity or obstacle.  They may also have achieved great things in the general landscape of life or on the sports field.  This type of speaker has a good knowledge of what they are motivated by and how they managed to achieve what they have. 

They usually try to relate the story of what they achieved to the audience in a way that allows people to identify with their story.  The audience can relate to the speaker’s situation and draw parallels with their own. This allows the audience to come away from the talk with some tools that may help them to motivate themselves and how to apply the knowledge of the speaker to their own lives. 

The audience that is most suited to this type of speaker are the people who do not necessarily operate as part of a team and are more concerned with individual or personal achievements, such as sales staff.

Leadership motivators

The leadership motivator will usually be a type of leader or achiever in a certain milieu such as the military or the corporate environment, or even a sports team manager.  They are usually quite adept at making speeches as this in an environment in which they frequently find themselves in, and can relate to and inspire teams of people. 

Leadership motivators are likely to have experience of dealing with teams and the dynamics and issues that affect people in group situations, and they may focus on motivating both teams and individuals.  The more senior people in an organisation will also be able to relate better to this type of speaker, especially if they face similar challenges to those that the speaker managed to overcome.

Usually both types of speakers will be good at speaking but their approach will differ.  Book a motivational speaker that can entertain as well as motivate, and ensure that they have a good concept of the audience that they are speaking to.  Ensure also that the venue used is suitable for the number of people and that everybody is comfortable during the speech, as you want people to concentrate on what is being said.

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