Hire A Motivational Speaker For Your Next Event

Hire A Motivational Speaker For Your Next Event From Us And Drive That Message Home

You want to hire a motivational speaker for your next event, but you realise that sounds easier than it is, because where do you find someone to put you in contact with several popular motivational speakers?  Motivational speakers cost money and you want that money to be well-spent on a speaker that has charisma, presence and is well-known to the attendees.  john vlismas speakerMore importantly, you need a speaker that can draw in the audience, hold them in awe for the duration of the speech and deliver a really effective message.

A Flair for Speaking

You may be planning your next event in a way that will require the motivational speaker to play a pivotal role in conveying a message and you certainly do not want your entire effort to fall by the wayside by hiring the wrong person for the job.  Hire someone that is well-known in industry and with a proven record of accomplishment, especially if you are going to use the speaker to communicate change to your staff; people resist change and if you are going to make use of a professional speaker to communicate change, you get no second chances.

Not Just Motivational Speakers

You can hire a motivational speaker for your next event from us because we have numerous proudly South African speakers among whom you will find someone to suit your message.  Besides motivational speakers, we also supply:

  • management consultants
  • economic and political analysts
  • comedians
  • futurists
  • business speakers
  • keynote speakers

Some of our Motivational Speakers

Here are some of the speakers available for hire at your next event:

  • Ashley Hayden: Ashley loves to share lessons learnt during her stint on the Survivor Island, examine leadership skills and teamwork and share truths about women's role in corporations.  She is a Master of Ceremonies, actress, corporate trainer, speaker and television presenter.
  • Clem Sunter: Clem can help your business anticipate the unexpected and harness change as an opportunity while avoiding disasters.  He has become world-famous as a best-selling author, scenario planner and speaker.
  • Gary Bailey: Gary is a familiar face in South African society and has been a business and motivational speaker since the 1990s; Gary draws many of his lessons from the 2010 World Cup, focusing on maximising opportunities, growing business and leadership.
  • Gcina Mhlope: Gcina has become our country's favourite storyteller due to the fact that she’s uniquely gifted at creating stories that capture the imagination.  She has shown just how storytelling can be used as a most effective medium to convey a message.
  • Robin Banks: Robin has empowered and inspired countless people with his presentations on resilience, success and managing change.  His style is highly dynamic, yet offset by a delightfully approachable brand of humour.

Let Us Find You the Perfect Speaker

We have a team of professional advisors that will sit down with you and discuss your company's requirements in terms of a speaker and what type of message you want to convey.  We have continuously reinvented ourselves to remain relevant in South Africa and we find fresh talent daily to add to our list of motivational speakers.  Hire a motivational speaker for your next event from us.

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