Unlock Creative Corporate Commitment

One may be forgiven for finding a contradiction in the fact that public speaking is something which is feared so deeply by most people, yet people talk all the time. This is especially so when one takes into account that virtually everyone acquired speech at a very early age and has been talking extensively since then.

It’s mankind’s principle method of communication, each and every day. Restless sleepers even talk in their sleep. When there’s no one around with whom to speak, it’s not uncommon for human beings to have conversations with themselves, the radio or the TV.

Women are said to use a wider vocabulary, more words and speak more often for longer periods of time than male counterparts, but when it comes to the fear of public speaking, the so-called gentler gender is no different.

Into the mix, add the element of delivering an effective motivational message to a group of corporate delegates, capturing and holding their attention and interest, and you’ll reduce an inexperienced public speaker to a quivering, shaky, hyperventilating wreck.

Capturing a Corporate Audience

Corporate audience members are business people. They may be a tough bunch. Businessmen and women are very busy, must manage their time carefully and don’t have time to waste. They’re responsible for a variety of essential functions within an organisation, which was established to generate profits and be successful at doing so in a highly competitive environment.

Corporate persons have very little spare time to attend additional meetings, unless such gatherings are really considered worthwhile. This is the situation faced by corporate motivational speakers and this is also why it’s essential that you provide your audience with an experienced, competent and interesting orator, who has a thorough understanding of such groups, your company, its challenges and goals.

Motivating Your Corporate Group

Motivational Speakers SA was established more than 20 years ago to meet the ever-increasing demand for the services of well-known, accomplished public, business, comedic and motivational speakers, who are otherwise inaccessible to members of the public and business communities.

Our host of talented orators are household names in South Africa; many are recognised internationally too. They are masters in the art of public speaking, enabling corporate groups and individuals to identify with their life stories, challenges, experiences and remarkable achievements, simultaneously awakening the force of inspiration within each attendee.

We make it easy and affordable for you to engage the ideal speaker to deliver your unique motivational message in the most engaging, entertaining and inspirational manner. Often, it only takes a trigger contained in a spellbinding talk to unlock commitment, ideas and actions and our experts know how to accomplish this.