Looking for Drive and Inspiration? Book Clem Sunter!

Looking to book a motivational speaker, scenario planner, trend analyst and visionary with a presentation style that is both thought provoking and entertaining? If you’re looking for an exceptional optimistic motivational speaker who not only knows how to maximise opportunities, but a visionary who is also able to take any obstacle and turn it into a golden opportunity, then you need to book Clem Sunter!

Born in England and educated at Oxford, Clem Sunter has earned an outstanding reputation as one of South Africa’s most sought-after motivational speakers. Educated, entertaining, charming and humorous, Clem Sunter is not only legendary in South Africa as the country’s foremost strategic scenario planner, but he is also a world-renowned trend analyst, strategist and an expert on the South African global economy.

Acclaimed for his approach of “thinking like a fox as opposed to a hedgehog”, Clem was voted by leading South African CEOs as the foremost motivational speaker who has made the most impact on business in South Africa. Having earned titles that range from an author, business strategist, futurologist, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, scenario planner and trend analyst, to a visionary – Clem is an extraordinary individual who relates well with his audience.

Boasting a remarkable portfolio and renowned as one of South Africa’s most sought-after speakers, when you book Clem Sunter, you’ll leave inspired and driven with a want to achieve higher. Adding great value through his thought provoking presentations, Clem has a compelling way of transforming beliefs and mindsets. An author of several books that include “21st Century Megatrends”, Clem is internationally recognised for his "A High Road of Negotiation” and “the Low Road of Confrontation” scenarios. Clem has written best sellers that range from the following:

  • AIDS – The Challenge for South Africa
  • Beyond Reasonable Greed – Why Sustainable Business is a Much Better Idea!
  • Chinas Game
  • Games Foxes Play – Planning for Extraordinary Times
  • Life Changes at 80 – 80 Dollars a Barrel of Oil That Is!
  • No Confusing Business Jargon – Business is a Game and the Point is to Win
  • Pretoria Will Provide Amongst Others
  • Socrates and the Fox – A Strategic Dialogue
  • The High Road – Where Are We Now?
  • The Mind of a Fox – Scenario Planning in Action
  • The World and South Africa in the 2010s
  • Never Mind the Millennium – What About the Next 24 Hours
  • The Fox Trilogy – Imagining the Unimaginable and Dealing with It
  • What it Really Takes to be World Class


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