Motivate, Guide and Energise your Employees with Motivational Speaker Alex Granger

Looking to inject drive, increase sales and sustain success? Nowadays business is tough, in fact, competition has never been more fierce, and if you’re running a sales driven company, then it’s up to you find creative ways in which to keep your employees consistently energised and motivated. Motivated employees are vital to the success of businesses – it can be the difference between accomplishment and failure, and that’s where Motivational Speakers SA comes in.

Alex GrangerIf you’re looking for a renowned motivational speaker who can produce meaningful and sustainable results, then we have just the motivational speaker for you – Alex Granger! An author, CEO, entrepreneur of the Possibility of YOU, MC, television personality, mentor and coach, and an exceptional business and motivational speaker, strategic facilitator and programme director – Alex can be best described as dynamic, inspirational, energetic, exciting, and passionate about excellence and making an impact on people.

“I help individuals and businesses achieve exceptional & ridiculous business and personal growth” – Alex Granger

A natural communicator, speaker and trainer, Alex radiates a dynamic stage presence that not only delivers exceptional growth and purpose, but also delivers powerful messages that push people to want to do better, be better and earn better. Specialising in customer loyalty, sales, team work, attitudes, leadership and high performance, his current keynote presentations are as follows:

  • Selling Under Fire
  • Championship Thinking and Doing
  • Customers Delight: Turning Customers into Profit
  • Leadership Ridiculous
  • The Magic of Waking Up
  • From Rural Village to Boardroom: Fascinating African Insights for Success
  • Find Keep Grow: The Radical Art of Sales


A highly sought-after motivational speaker that has been speaking for over 12 years, Alex Granger has earned an outstanding global reputation for delivering across-the-board content that is current, relevant, significant and impressionable. With motivational presentations that are both easy to identify with and put into practice, he has spoken at numerous corporate and government events that range from Aluglass Bautech, Business Travel Expo Nigeria, Chanti Travel, City of Johannesburg, City of Tshwane, Franchise Association of South Africa, Harvey World Travel, Marketing Indaba, Meetings Africa, South African Music Rights Organisation, Springbok Atlas, Sure Travel and Tempest Car Hire to Travel With Flair.

At Motivational Speakers SA, we make it easy for you to book guest speakers, motivational speakers, business speakers and comedians. Through our exclusive services, you will not only gain access to South Africa’s longest established and most respected speakers in the country, but you will also gain a partner in your event planning. Kick-start 2015 off with a powerful presentation from one of South Africa’s most sought-after motivational speakers, and motivate, guide and energise your employees with Alex Granger!

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