Master of Ceremonies Speaker

How To Become A Master of Ceremonies Speaker

Whether you were approached by your best friend to be the master of ceremonies speaker at his wedding or assigned by your boss to host the company yearend party, you will need some tips to successfully pull off the role. Obviously, with this role, you will be centre stage for pretty much the duration of the whole event. Hopefully, you are not the shy type.

As a master of ceremonies speaker most of the burden of the event unfortunately rests on your shoulders. It is your responsibility to set the tone for the evening, so if you are at a wedding you do not want to be too serious and if you are hosting a business function you want to set a professional air.

The key to successfully executing the role of master of ceremonies speaker is to be prepared. You can never have too much information about the event. Be knowledgeable as to who the guests are and what makes them happy. After all, your job is to keep them entertained and interested in the affair.

So, the first tip in becoming a great master of ceremonies speaker is to have a strong introduction. Create the proper introduction whether it be for your boss or the entourage of a wedding, you must make sure that you are setting the right tone for the event.

Secondly, never ever read. If all master of ceremonies speakers just read straight from a piece of paper this title would not even exist. It is pretty likely that all your guests know how to read, so you were not asked to be the master of ceremonies speaker to read to them.

People want a master of ceremonies speaker that brings life to an event. Again, be prepared. It is okay to have notes but do not write out a one page introduction and literally read the whole thing. It is much more appealing when the speaker acts natural.

Thirdly, keep the introduction short enough that your guests do not get bored. It is also nice to add a personal touch, not your whole life story but a titbit that relates to the event is always appreciated.

Fourthly, build a rapport with the guests. Again, it is your job to set the tone. So, if it is a wedding make sure the atmosphere is light and happy and if it is a business event remain professional. If the event is not too serious it would be nice if you interacted with some of the audience as to truly make them feel as if they are a part of the event and not just a guest.

Lastly, show no fear. You must always look composed, even if you are not. The audience will feed off of your confidence. So project the right type of energy for your function.

The best way to go is to be yourself. If you were assigned to be master of ceremonies speaker there must be a reason that you were chosen. Remember to smile and make sure that the audience is always comfortable.

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