Master Of Ceremonies

Master Of Ceremonies For Your Year End Function

Silly season has officially arrived, which means that you either have to plan an end of year function, host one or attend one of these events. Now everyone knows that the worst part of attending any type of function is when the time comes for the speeches. But there is a simple way you can take the boring out of the event by using the services of a Master of Ceremonies.

Your master of ceremonies should be a professional and it is recommended that they not form part of your organisation. This will ensure that everything goes more smoothly and that you don’t end up with a speaker who does not know what they are doing.

Choosing the Right Type of MC Speaker

Remember what your yearend function is all about when choosing a master of ceremonies. This is not the time for long drawn out speeches and it is definitely not a prize giving. Rather leaves these tedious items off the itinerary and host a different event during the year. This is a festive time to celebrate and thank your employees and other guests for what they have done to promote your business.

Choose only a few keynote speakers and make sure that they work in conjunction with your MC speaker; he or she will give any other speakers tips on how long they should speak for. Note that the keyword here is “speak” and not “speech”. The master of ceremonies will also be able to control the year end function by giving cues to speakers who take too long to wrap it up and to fill in any gaps where a speaker is too short and sweet.

The MC speaker should be able to tie in his own comments, introductions and presentations with the other speakers to create a flow throughout the event. Remember to allow the master of ceremonies to introduce when bar service starts and ends, what food will be served keeping in mind those guests with special eating requirements as well as any entertainment you have planned.

It is always a good idea to choose a MC who is light hearted and slightly humorous in their delivery. Just to re-iterate, this is a festive affair and a serious MC will not suit the environment. You can also opt for a master of ceremonies who has a few tricks up their sleeve such as magician or hypnotist to add an extra dash of fun to the event.

A motivational speaker is also a great idea as a master of ceremonies for an end of year function. This will allow the focus of the event to be on inspiring your employees and other guests to return to work in the New Year with a renewed sense of drive instead of just focusing on what has happened within the company in the past. There are a number of different types of motivational speakers so remember to stay in the light hearted festive them when choosing your MC speaker.

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