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Access to SA’s Top Inspirational MC Speakers

What are the duties of MC speakers and why would one need their services? A pure Master of Ceremonies takes centre stage periodically to host the event, welcomes the audience or guests, controls the agenda, introduces guest speakers and keeps proceedings moving along in a timely manner. An MC speaker, however, also has speaking duties in addition to performing as a traditional Master of Ceremonies. The focus, content and goal of his or her speech depend on the host company’s requirements and aims.

When planning a group function, conference, large meeting, seminar, awards presentation, charity or gala event or major product launch, a person is required to adopt the role of host, which involves far more than merely welcoming guests and thanking them for attending upon conclusion of the function. MC speakers do fulfil this role, which will vary according to the nature of the event and the client’s individual needs and requirements.

As the title suggests, he or she will also give a speech, again according to the client’s brief. The MC’s speech content may be comedic, motivational or generally entertaining. Above all, a successful event is typically rated according to the quality and content of the speaker’s message and his/her confidence and ability to get and hold the audience’s attention and interest. This is where it can become tricky, if not downright difficult and this is also why our professional speakers’ bureau was established some 20 years ago.

Our founders realised that a need existed for organisations to have access to well known, recognised persons who have the ability to capture an audience’s attention and deliver interesting, thought provoking and inspiring messages. We identify the best, most inspiring public speakers, represent them and arrange public access to them and their services, bringing our clients and the speakers together. In doing so, we are able to assist organisations in team bonding, management, sales performance, leadership development and keeping a competitive edge.

The bureau represents an established team of MC speakers whose fields of expertise vary between management consulting, futurism, economic and political analysis, comedy, business and motivation. In addition to this pool of outstanding accomplishment and expertise, we have access to a wide network of guest speakers. Speakers’ backgrounds and experience are as varied as our rainbow nation, including sportsmen and women, a traditional story teller, a life coach and inspirational performer, television personalities, scenario planner, change manager, and environmental conservationist and numerous others.

What all these wonderful people have in common is their ability to deliver fascinating and inspiration messages to others in addition to being competent, experienced Masters of Ceremonies. Our and their commitment to providing outstanding client service and helping to build your organisation’s success at very affordable rates is another vital, common component. Additionally, we have a network of more than 20 independent training and development organisations and business and management consultants, ensuring that our clients have access to up to date strategic business economic and political information, so crucial to planning the way forward for successful enterprises.

Inject an element of magic into your next conference, event or function and contact us to find out more or reserve the expert services of one of our MC speakers for a memorable, inspirational and successful meeting of minds and hearts – the benefits will extend well into the future.

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