Inspirational Motivational Speakers

Inspirational Motivational Speakers Add Magical Quality to Events

Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then and who better to provide this than one of South Africa’s top inspirational motivational speakers? Most organisations have ample opportunities to call on one of these interesting orators, whether it’s at their annual conference, sales or training seminar, part of team building exercises, during an awards evening, at a product launch or as entertainment with added value during a gala event for guests and business associates. Alternatively, you may need a competent, entertaining Master of Ceremonies to perfect a special occasion.

Inspirational motivational speakers typically have earned their reputation by their own endeavours and varied areas of expertise, which enabled them to conquer and overcome challenges encountered in their own lives, be it in pursuit of a hobby or interest, at the workplace, in sporting achievements or conquering physical disabilities, to name only a few of life’s trials.

In addition to sharing their stories in a way that addresses the particular audience, popular orators are normally people whom others recognise by name, respect and possibly may wish to emulate in some small way. They may be admired for their struggles and accomplishments, but are virtually always folks whom others find interesting, a crucial aspect to capture and hold audiences’ interest.


Mentally or emotionally influencing a person to think, feel and act creatively is the fundamental element of inspiration, whether the listener seeks to emulate the speaker’s feats or has his/her own bright, innovative idea. Inspirational, motivational speakers spark that little something in others to trigger a creative response, which usually varies in nature from person to person.

It helps to open and broaden the mind, allowing positive thoughts and emotions to be coupled with the desire to do something new or adopt a novel approach. It’s interesting to note that the medical definition of inspiration means drawing air into the lungs. Similarly, drawing an inspirational message into the mind indicates that it is absorbed, becoming part of the person and providing mental sustenance.

All mankind’s great accomplishments and inventions began with inspiration, nothing more and nothing less. Great men and women have proved this time and time again, from Archimedes, Galileo and Michelangelo to Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers and Henry Ford to Alexander Fleming, Steve Jobs and NASA and their teams of experts.


Inspiration is that creative mental flash or brainwave, whilst motivation moves the person to take action towards achieving a goal or fulfilling a need, also beginning in the mind. Motivation activates people and sustains their momentum towards their goal, enabling them to persist despite obstacles that threaten to derail them in their journey towards achievement of an ultimate aim, because the desire for the final result is so strong as to be virtually ingrained.

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