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Life would be extremely frustrating and very different if the majority of people weren’t blessed with the ability to speak, since speech is mankind’s primary means with which to communicate. It’s something which one takes for granted, unless one has a condition which precludes this invaluable ability. Then there are the people who have been blessed beyond the normal speaking capabilities of the “average Joe”, such as Robin Banks.

Learning to Speak

Speech and hearing are closely linked too. Babies respond to the sounds of parents’ voices in preference to those of others, especially that of the mother, because this is most frequently heard and familiar.

Their brains are like sponges, absorbing what they hear and copying behaviour from infancy onwards, to the extent that it’s far easier for little ones to learn foreign languages than it is for adults to do so.

Use It or Looe It

Later in life, human brains automatically exclude that which they don’t use, so this natural ability ceases to exist, discarding extraneous information. By adulthood, self-awareness and self-consciousness have set in; most people are afraid of making mistakes or appearing foolish publically, and will avoid situations in which this may occur.

The prospect of appearing before an audience and being required to address them terrifies most people. They literally quake in their boots, whilst voice, tone and diction falter. They fidget and intersperse sentences with loads of “ums” and “ahs”, because stress and tension have taken their toll on thought processes.

Nervous Stress

Persons who are stressed, struggle with effective communication and social interaction, two factors which are fundamental to competent public and/or guest speaking. In order to be any good as an orator, he/she must be able to capture and maintain the attention of a group of listeners, engaging their minds and holding their interest.

Robin Banks – A Great Guest Speaker

Nationally and internationally renowned guest speaker, Robin Banks, meets more than all the criteria required of a great guest speaker. He has refined his talent to such an extent that he has made a highly successful career of it, worldwide, and his services are highly sought after.

When it’s time to inspire and motivate your group, irrespective of its demographics, it’s definitely time to invite Robin to address your meeting, particularly if the following goals feature on your agenda:

  • Developing a positive frame of mind and the value of doing so.
  • Making the most of each day, personally and professionally.
  • Surrounding oneself (and others) with positive energy.
  • Achieving real success despite challenges, and enjoying the process.
  • Self-motivation and personal development.


Robin Banks’ reputation and success are based on his passion to help others to achieve their own and their group’s goals, empowering his audience to improve all aspects of their lives – the mark of a superb guest speaker and humanitarian.


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