Quinton Coetzee

Quinton Coetzee

Born in the Namib Desert, Quinton Coetzee spent most of his childhood in the African bush. He began his working career as a hunter and then later attained a degree in the natural sciences. Today, he is considered one of Southern Africa’s leading bushcraft specialists.

His passion for adventure has taken him from bitter sub-Antarctic regions to the scorching deserts of the Middle-East. He has summitted the highest ice-peak in Russia and has lived with ‘vanishing’ tribes in Africa, the frozen wastelands of Outer Mongolia and the sweltering jungles of the Amazon basin.

He is a frequent resource in print and on radio programs, speaking on a variety of nature topics. He is well known as a television presenter of popular wildlife programs such as “Aardwolf” and 50/50 “Veldfocus”. 

Quinton’s business message has universal appeal - he has addressed audiences in more than 30 countries worldwide. His talks assist people to tap into their natural potential... to improve their business skills and performance... and to gain a better understanding of themselves and others. 

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