Prof Andy Andrews

Professor Andy Andrews

Professor Andy Andrews, holds a degree of BCOM., MBA., PHD. and has had a highly successful career as an entrepreneur and business manager. He is currently a professor at Henley Management College in the UK and is also a professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. He has studied at the universities of Rhodes, Cape Town, Harvard and Stanford and under his leadership as Dean during the 1980's, Wits rose to be recognised as South Africa's leading business school.

He has, and still serves on several boards of directors, consults with major companies and teaches in the fields of finance and corporate strategy. He has published over 100 articles and academic and professional journals and has received several awards for academic and teaching excellence.

This talk will remind you of the rules of success that you neglect at your peril!
Based on research and illustrated by a real-life South African case study, the tell-tale signal of impending disaster will be highlighted and key drivers of success will be identified.

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