Lewis Gordon Pugh

Lewis Gordon Pugh

In a career spanning 23 years he has pioneered more swims around famous landmarks than any other swimmer and is widely regarded as the greatest endurance swimmer in history. He is the only person to have completed a long distance swim in every ocean of the world. Often referred to as “Aqua Al Gore” and the “Voice of the Arctic”, the maritime lawyer left his law practice in 2004 to campaign full time for the protection of the environment.

Lewis’s drive comes from his desire to make a significant impact on the conservation of the environment. His ability comes from a combination of both physical and mental focus supported by an outstanding team. 

Lewis is one of the busiest guest speakers on the international speaking circuit undertaking over 100 speeches per annum in Europe, the USA and South Africa. His speeches have received widespread acclaim. At the influential BIF Conference in America his speech on leadership was voted as one of the “7 Most Inspiring Videos on the Web” by Mashable, the media guide.

His story is powerful and inspiring. He speaks with much experience on having a vision in life, the value of goal setting, courage, perseverance, self motivation, leadership, teamwork, overcoming failure, leaving an enduring legacy, and of course protecting our fragile world. 

He talks about his experience of swimming the length of the River Thames, which had stopped flowing due to a severe drought, to highlight the effect of climate change on the UK. And about reaching the Houses of Parliament where he met with Prime Minister Tony Blair to encourage him to enact the Climate Change Act, which limits the UK's carbon emissions. . 

Lewis’s accomplishments have received widespread media coverage by the BBC, Good Morning America, CNN, Jon Stewart, National Geographic, Sky News, Jay Leno and many more. And he has received numerous awards including South Africa's highest Honour for sporting excellence - the Order of Ikhamanga (Gold Class) for his “exceptional sporting triumphs, humanitarian feats and creating consciousness about the negative effects of global warming”. Only 2 other sportsmen (Gary Player and Steve Mokono) have ever received the Honour in the Gold Class. 

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