Choosing Guest Speakers and Keynote Speakers for Your Next Function

There is not much of a difference between guest speakers and keynote speakers, but finding great speakers is quite important for events!

The term “keynote” originates from the musical practice of singing a cappella.  A note that determines the correct one is played before singing will commence.  Usually, a keynote speaker is someone who will establish the main theme (or key) of the function.  In a business setting, keynote speeches or keynote addresses will set out the programme or agenda for the event, accompanied by an interesting story or the introduction of other speakers or entertainment.  Keynote speakers are also used at graduation ceremonies at academic institutions. 

The main reason why keynote speakers are required is to draw the attention to a particular event or theme, and then also motivate people to attend it.  Often, the presence of a famous person or well-known expert in a specific field with a recognition base will attract people to an event and, thus, increasing the number of attendees. 

Before choosing a speaker, it is important to consider your potential audience and overall theme. Also, you need to draw people together with the same interest, which is why it is essential to get a speaker that will be able to relate to that audience in particular.  For instance, for a hairdressing convention, your keynote speaker will probably be a famous hairdresser to the stars or someone who has an interest in salons.  Athletes will usually relate better to sportspeople, while politicians will relate better to other politicians or lawmakers.  Ensure that your audience and your speaker are a good match – they do not necessarily have to come from the same background or be in the same business, but ensure that they have some interest in common and that they understand each other.

Guest speakers may be keynote speakers as well, but they can also be used alongside a keynote speaker.  Often, the keynote speaker will do a talk and is then followed by another guest speaker.  The keynote speaker is usually also the most important speaker and may therefore cost more than most guest speakers.

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