Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers – Where Entertaining Is The Name Of The Game

Guest speakers are people asked to speak at events. They are usually not connected to the event or company per se, but add something to the event by making a speech.

These events can range from corporate team building days, fundraisers, conferences and celebrations to special events like a lunch in honour of women or a breakfast for men. Guest speakers are not strictly invited to speak at an event just to entertain guests, they can also use their own experiences in various fields to inform or motivate guests.

Most guest speakers are celebrities or well known public figures like former politicians or sports stars. Typically, their success depends upon how well matched their message or speech may be to the event in question, and also on how well they can deliver a speech.

Some people are guest speakers by profession and make their living by appearing at speaking events. By paying the guest speakers’ appearance fee, organisations can expect the guest speakers to prepare a speech specifically targeted at the said audience. Not all guest speakers charge for an appearance. This is especially true when the event is for a charity or a fundraiser to benefit a charity.

Although the organisation or people hosting the event usually don’t have full control over what the guest speakers say, they might be able to ask the speakers to touch on certain subjects relating to the event or the organisation in question. In turn, it is expected of the organising committee to supply the guest speakers with information regarding the duration of the speech and perhaps what topics may be of interest to the audience.

Famous guest speakers include Jake White, Oprah Winfrey, Desmond Tutu and Bill Clinton. For more information on guest speakers, feel free to contact us.


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