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The Best Motivational And Event Speakers In South Africa For Delivering Your Corporate Message

Event speakers come into play when you have to transfer a message within your corporation and you seek the best and most effective way to do it.  These speakers are usually public speaking professionals that come from outside your organisation; the question is why you would want an outside person to deliver your message?

  • Many messages communicate change and, as a rule, people resist change; therefore, you cannot skimp on the way to deliver your message if you want it to be received positively.
  • The plain truth is that top management is usually not all that good at delivering an effective public address – they may run the business, but they cannot necessarily communicate the message.
  • Messages from management are often perceived negatively, irrespective of the way they try to deliver them; an audience overtaken by prejudice is unlikely to hear the correct message.
  • Well-known public speakers generate excitement and in tandem with an event tailored to treat employees and entertain them, the speaker's message can have maximum impact.

Our Well-known South African Motivational Speakers

We have several very well-know South African motivational speakers available to speak at nearly any type of event:

  • Gary Bailey.  Famous South African sports personality loves to draw lessons learnt from the “greatest show on earth” – the 2010 Soccer World Cup – to empower people to maximise their opportunities, focus on leadership and achieving business growth.  He has been a motivational speaker since the '90s.
  • The beautiful Ashley Hayden performs as a master of ceremonies, corporate trainer, television presenter and actress and is very effective at relating her experiences on the Survivor Island and applying the lessons learnt to practical scenarios.  She also shares truths about women's role in corporate environments and examines teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Shurnell Andersson is another of our well-known event speakers and this mother and wife is a passionate believer in people's potential; this is evident in her international Life Coach accreditation. She specialises in personal and workplace relationships as well as youth and child coaching.
  • Lewis Gordon Pugh delivers more than a hundred speeches per year on the international speaking circuit in South Africa, Europe and the U.S. with a special focus on environmental conservation.  He has a remarkable mental and physical focus that captivates audiences.
  • Gcina Mhlope delivers messages extremely effectively through the medium of storytelling and has become a gifted speaker able to create stories that really hit home with audiences, making her one of the most popular South African motivational speakers.

All Types of Event Speakers

Besides motivational speakers, our list of available speakers covers all spheres, from keynote speakers, business speakers, and futurists to comedians, management consultants and political and economic analysts.  There will be a speaker that is ideal to deliver your message too, so sit down with us so that you can discuss your company's requirements with our professional team of advisors.  We frequently add fresh talent to our list of speakers so you can benefit and deliver your message in the most effective way possible.

Talk to us today about the best motivational and event speakers in South Africa.


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