Clem Sunter

Clem Sunter

Clem Sunter is probably best known for his "High Road/Low Road" scenarios from South Africa in the Mid 1980's, when he was Head of Scenario planning function at Anglo America.

In early 2001 "The Mind of a Fox," co-authored with Chantel Ilbury, was released. The book anticipated a major terrorist attack on a western city before the September 11th tragedy in New York. The book has sold over 40 000 copies to date.

In 2007 Clem’s new book, “Socrates and the Fox: A strategic dialogue”, co-authored with Chantel Illbury, was released. By its very nature Socratic dialogue transforms the strategic conversation from the normal, dreary type of superficial analysis that companies go through nowadays to a full-blooded, back-to-basics debate.

Clem Sunter continues to be one of South Africa's favourite guest speakers ... his presentation style is both thought provoking and entertaining. His popular conference and seminar topics include:

-"Mind of a Fox" - How to use scenario planning in everyday context
- Scenario for the HIV/Aids Epidemic in South Africa
- Why companies should change from predatory lions into caring elephants and become sustainable businesses. 

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