Chantell Ilbury

Chantell Ilbury

Chantell Ilbury is an internationally renowned scenario strategist, facilitator, best-selling business author, lecturer and speaker. She guides companies and other organisations all over the world through their strategic conversations on the future. As a result, she can draw on strategic insights developed in various fields such as mining, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, financial services, professional services, retail, transportation, and water and food security. It also means she is able to tailor-make a talk to a client's specific needs should they need guidance on strategy and the forces shaping their possible futures.

Chantell co-authored the best-selling “Mind of a Fox”, “Games Foxes Play” and most recently, “Socrates and the Fox” with Clem Sunter.


Her work as a facilitator of executive strategic conversations has taken her as far afield as corporate teams in the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Australia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Singapore, India, Jersey and the Isle of Man as well as throughout Southern and Central Africa.

Amongst the main areas that Chantell is asked to speak on are strategic thinking and the structure of a strategic conversation, business scenarios, global scenarios, global climate change scenarios and South African and African scenarios.



♦ Experience in scenario thinking and scenario development, and the facilitation of strategic conversations;

♦ The understanding of deal-making for the long-term, i.e. that growth through mergers and/or acquisitions needs to be analyzed for its strategic intent, long-term synergy and value-add;

♦ The ability to see the big picture (the interface between economic, social and political imperatives); identify the connections and patterns; identify the possible unintended consequences of actions; make sense of the complexities; and bring clarity to issues;

♦ Lateral thinking and diversity of perspectives;

♦ Capacity to identify, respect, develop and pool the individual talents of a company’s human resources;

♦ The ability to work with executive teams at all levels of the business environment; i.e. international, national, and regional levels; as well as in different industries;

♦ Game playing and creating leverage;

♦ The ability to cascade strategy through an organisation via process development and facilitation;

♦ A natural affinity to embrace challenge and uncertainty;

♦ Sensitivity towards the social dynamics amongst players - who are the different players in the game and what are their objectives;

♦ Identifying critical questions that are often not normally considered;

♦ The ability to sift through perspective clutter and to identify opportunity;

♦ A knowledge of Africa within a global perspective, and its myriad of complexities;

♦ The ability to listen critically, and to synthesize information;

♦ Managing strategic conversations at corporate level both nationally and internationally, as well as presenting lectures and talks on scenarios and strategy.

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