Abner Mariri

Abner Mariri

Abner Mariri is an educationalist, a Hollywood performer, a peacemaker, a management consultant and full-time professional speaker. He obtained a bachelors degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Southern California at Los Angeles. 

During his ten years in the United States, Abner also worked on many entertainment projects which led him to cross paths with Bill Cosby, Little Steven, Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr. and Quincy Jones.

Abner has worked in conjunction with the Minister of Health in putting together special events for World Health Day and World Aids Day. He was also instrumental in launching a Road Safety program for the Department of Transport which was endorsed by Mac Maharaj. 

He is Executive Director of the “I CAN” Training Foundation, Founder of the Institute of Quality Education, Founder of a Process Driven Consultancy – “Empower SA”, and a Member of the Board of Promise Keepers SA. 

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