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Top South African Comedic Speakers for a Memorable Event

One of the most effective means to get an audience to relax and become receptive is through humour, a characteristic which South Africans and South African comedic speakers mutually share in a nation that routinely laughs at itself and its situations. Many top South African comedic speakers have their humorous roots in comedy club gigs, which have increased exponentially in number and popularity amongst audiences during relatively recent times.

Frequently, performance seasons are extended by public demand, a sure indication of the popularity humour and funny people who make one laugh. Fans make the effort to reserve seats and pay to attend, laugh and have fun. Comedians have appeared in highly successful ad campaigns and on film; many of their faces are instantly recognised by the public at large. Engaging a speaker who is a draw card in his or her own right is likely to ensure that no single soul would deliberately miss an event featuring a comedian.

On the other side of the coin, nothing could be worse for a performer or speaker than having a “dead” audience. Likewise, pretending to be alert and interested whilst actually being bored to tears is one of the most tedious things for an audience, who will absorb very little, if anything, of what is being imparted.

Public speaking can be extremely daunting; not everyone has the knack or confidence to do so effectively, let alone get and hold listeners’ attention and deliver a message in such a way that encourages active listening. Passive listening has virtually no value, because the recipient merely allows the speaker to speak, without considering and absorbing what is said.

Active listening implies that the listener hears what is said and understands and evaluates the content. It’s a recognised communication tool or method that ensures rapport and effective communication – very much like action and reaction, even when the parties are not in agreement. Unfortunately, not everyone listens actively.

So, how does a speaker engage with a group which will probably include persons who don’t practise active listening? It’s clear that a presenter with a well-known name or face will attract the attention of attendees and ensure their presence at the gathering. Engaging a comedic speaker, however, multiplies these factors. The listeners expect to be entertained; everyone appreciates entertainment. Furthermore, the audience does not anticipate having to listen to a dull voice, droning on ad nauseum – they are going to have fun and they’re looking forward to it; they’re already motivated, so absorbing a motivational speech is virtually assured.

Public figures and professional performers can be notoriously difficult to contact, but our bureau makes it simple, easy and affordable for clients to engage some of the best comedic, motivational and business speakers, futurists, management consultants and economic and political analysts in the country.

Our focus is always on the client and the client’s requirements and provision of outstanding, affordable service over the past 20 years. We’re proud to represent highly regarded presenters, making them available to assist clients to gain an edge over their competitors, build team spirit and develop sales, potential leaders and leadership skills.  

When next you plan a conference, awards evening, gala event or seminar, maximise its impact by contacting our bureau, discussing objectives with one of our experienced advisors and hosting a memorable event, facilitated by one of numerous top South African comedic speakers.

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